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Welcome to Mostly


I started this website to present some of the Morgan Silver Dollars from my collection for sale. I am going to be constantly updating my site with certified coins from PCGS, NGC, ANACS, SEGS, NTC, PCI, or NNC.

You can enter my store by clicking here or on the catalog link above.

I have done my best to take good pictures of the coins and their holders, but I have much to learn in this area. For one thing, I am unable to get an accurate representation of the true colors of the coins at this time. I probably need a new camera. I believe if you purchase a coin from me it will look much better when you get it in your hand than what the pictures might indicate. The site will accept PayPal purchases at this time if you have an interest in a coin or you can purchase one by sending me a money order or cashiers check. Please email me at if you have questions or concerns. I will also consider offers on coins if you think my price is too high. However, I am listing many of my favorite coins on this site, the ones I've had to work hard to find, so in some cases I will just stick to the asking price. Most of these coins are listed way below the so-called "trend." I have priced them based on what I paid for them and/or what it would cost me to find another of the same quality. This is a hobby for me, but I can assure you I will deal in an honest and professional manner in any transaction which might take place.

Satisfaction is guaranteed or money back less shipping expenses.

A quick note about my experiences with third party grading companies. At this point I can see why many people don't want to spend the money to send coins in for grading. I have been sending my coins to NTC and have found that they are much more stringent in their grading policies than I was led to believe by many "old timers" and dealers who claim PCGS and NGC are the only reputable third party grading companies. They sell me coins telling me they believe "This is what PCGS or NGC would grade this coin at." Then I send it to NTC and it comes back one to two grades lower than these PCGS and NGC devotees. I say this because I have started buying NTC coins finding that I get better quality for the money than I can with the more established grading companies. I recently sent six coins to NTC that I broke out of other holders seeking upgrades. One coin came back higher (ANACS) Three coins came back the same (PCGS and SEGS) and one coin was sent in as a DMPL and came back as PL. When you buy coins you are not buying the holder. It took me a long time to figure that out. I believe the main reason to buy coins in holders is because many of the alterations people have done to coins, such as cleaning or polishing, are difficult for the novice to detect. The coins I have that are in holders have not been cleaned or altered.